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I fell for a phishing email…

So the very first thing that should happen if, heaven forbid, somebody’s opened a new email, clicked on one of the links, given away their passwords, is:

A: Speak to your IT people

B: The very, very first thing that you should do is change your passwords.

If you have a quality antivirus system, scan your PC immediately. it’s like everything else really, if you’ve given somebody the keys to your house, you would immediately change the locks. So, it’s a very, very similar sort of thing that you’re needing to do.

You basically just need to close everything down and also, but again it depends, if you’re an organization and you feel like you’ve been compromised in that manner, one of the best things that you really should do is tell people.

There seems to be a bit of shame attached to being caught by these things, but a lot of people are spending a lot of time. There’s something called social engineering. These things are built in order to press certain buttons with people to make you do certain things. So, if you’re very, very busy, if you’re working in an organization, you’re probably used to seeing an email, acting on it, seeing an email, acting on it, but that’s how these things are built.

How can I notice dodgy emails?

In a lot of cases the grammar is bad, the spelling is bad, the way they’re laid out is bad.

Some of them are very, very good, but the vast majority of them are really quite bad. Look at the email address it’s come from, look at the web links they’re trying to send you to.

Do they look like they are the same as the general content of the email? So we quite often see them purporting to be from Microsoft saying, you know, there are some emails stuck at Office 365, click here to release those emails.

What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get from you your email, username and password. So what they can then do is they can then send email out as you, pretending to be you. You then look genuine. You let it, and then people are then going to respond.

What can I do to counter ransomware?

I’m Laurence Childs from Jalapeno Business Services.

There’s not a lot you can do to counter ransomware because once you know you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

It’s a bit like a cold really, all you can really then do is try and treat the symptoms and recover from it. This is where you need to have had good backups, quality backups that you know are working. At which point you can then restore into a known working, good environment.

We did it for our customer who got attacked by a ransomware virus last year and we managed to get them back up and running because they, basically, just had one folder that they work out of. We got that back up for them in an hour and then spent the best part of the next day and a half recovering the rest of the data onto their server.

If you have been attacked by a ransomware virus and you don’t have a back up, you’ve got a lot of pain coming your way.

Video Testimonial – James Barker

My name is James Barker and I’m the Head of Finance of Mercia Social Care. Since Jalepeno have taken over and now have the full backlog of everything that we do, everything is very straightforward.

So we can communicate with Lawrence and Ethan and as soon as we can start speaking to them, they know which computer it is they can remote log in. They can sort out any number of one of our issues and if it can’t be done at the time, it’s ‘leave it with me’ and you do get a very quick response to find out.

They have just helped us setup our whole IT system for our office and we’ve just moved from an online storage system to now a closed local storage facility, which is on site in the building. I had never had any worries with working with them; they really do go out of their way to do it for you. Because of our work we are operating 24/7 as well. They will have often worked behind the scenes, when the office is closed, to resolve issues.

You won’t be disappointed once you make the decision to work with them.

IT Video Business Card for Jalapeno

I think that there seems to be a sort of school of thought that speaking to IT people can be an expensive proposition. It’s not if you speak to us early enough in the process.

My name is Laurence Childs, I’m the director of Jalapeno Business Services. Jalapeno Business Services provides IT management for small to medium businesses. It is your IT department within your business. We decided we would take our knowledge, and skills, and experience out to the small and medium business world.

When we first start working with a customer, you tend to find that there are issues that need to be solved. Once we then fix those issues, what we then like to do is make sure we work with the customer. Part of the IT management service is sitting within the business and ensuring that the systems are fit for purpose, but also ensuring that they stay running.

You’ll think of a lot of technical companies speak techliqeause, and just like to bamboozle people, it’s not like that. We’re all people, we speak to each other in English, we respond to our customers when they ring with an issue within one working hour. One of the things that we do is we actually follow up as well. When we speak to new people, one of the very first things we do, before we even take them on as a client, we go out and we do an audit for systems. We work out what the issues are, and then what we then do is we then work out of that.

We provide technical support, which is a reactive service. We like to be proactive, so it’s about making sure that your IT systems, which may not have a problem right now, but we can come in and make sure that you don’t have any problems.

I like to have more one to one, face to face relationship with people, and that’s what it’s about with me, it’s more about the relationship with the customer. I’d do it for nothing, really, but obviously the bank manager and the mortgage man won’t let me do that. So give us a call, get in contact, we’ll have a chat and we will come out, and we will do a free audit or fur systems.

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