Video Testimonial – James Barker

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Video Testimonials

My name is James Barker and I’m the Head of Finance of Mercia Social Care. Since Jalepeno have taken over and now have the full backlog of everything that we do, everything is very straightforward.

So we can communicate with Laurence and Ethan and as soon as we can start speaking to them, they know which computer it is they can remote log in. They can sort out any number of one of our issues and if it can’t be done at the time, it’s ‘leave it with me’ and you do get a very quick response to find out.

They have just helped us setup our whole IT system for our office and we’ve just moved from an online storage system to now a closed local storage facility, which is on site in the building. I had never had any worries with working with them; they really do go out of their way to do it for you. Because of our work we are operating 24/7 as well. They will have often worked behind the scenes, when the office is closed, to resolve issues.

You won’t be disappointed once you make the decision to work with them.

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