The 2021 State of IT – What it means for you and your business?

by | Oct 30, 2020 | I.T.

SWZD Recently released an important annual report on IT Budgets and Tech Trends. There’s a lot of heavy information in these reports, so we’ve summarised the most important fact for you to check out.

Businesses expect to increase cloud and managed services spending in 2021 – Hardware spending is expected to decline.

This is very important news for anyone who relies on their IT systems in their business. It’s likely that due to this high demand, Manage Service Providers will increase over the next few years, and likely rise in cost. It also means that this new focus on cloud and managed service spending might possibly make hardware spending such as servers and simple hard-drives fall behind. The decrease in demand might mean less innovation from leading companies.

If you don’t move from your current IT infrastructure to a managed service provider your company could be left behind. As seen by this image taken from a website researching into this trend, the signs of an infrastructural change to how IT systems are managed and produced is imminent


COVID-19 has driven businesses around the globe to transform to enable remote workforces, adopt digital workflows, optimize business operations, and innovate to meet the needs of a new market. Many of these changes will be permanent and will continue to influence tech purchases in 2021.

Among all businesses, 64% enabled a remote workforce in 2020 and more than half of all companies plan to retain flexible work policies even after the pandemic ends — which will necessitate additional technology investment. Because the remote work revolution wouldn’t be possible without modern communications technology, many decision-makers increasingly view tech investments as essential for maintaining productivity levels and business continuity… even when businesses cut back in other areas.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has spread, many SMEs have had to make hard decisions to keep afloat. This has caused many IT departments to be depleted or in some cases even removed.  Managed Service Providers offer a solution to fill this gap.

Here at Jalapeno we are eager to provide a solid solution to these issues. As of last month, we offer a cheap and easy way of out sourcing your IT problems to us. We will make sure your IT systems are as strong as they can be in these troubling times, with no need for you to stress about in-house IT management.

You can read more about our Managed Service Provider offering here.

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