Hunter Global Case Study

by | Jul 8, 2019

Implementing new methods to cope with expansion

Hunter Global are a recruitment agency who cover a wide number of sectors for clients based both in
the UK and abroad.

Driven by a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in the recruitment market, Hunter Global are
staffed by top sales consultants in Executive Search Management from a wide range of fields including
the FMCG/food sector, manufacturing and agriculture.

Whether firms are searching for their next high-profile appointment, a permanent team member or a
highly-skilled temporary worker, Hunter Global promise to deliver candidates with a difference.

The company has expanded dramatically in a short space of time, meaning that their IT demands
have increased. Jalapeno Business Services were on hand to guide them through this period of growth,
ensuring that the business continued to operate at peak level throughout.

The Challenge

Hunter Global began from a home office environment but it was clear from the outset that they could grow exponentially in the near future. However, they needed to be able to function efficiently and deal with increased demand on their service offering in the meantime, so we set their home office up with email connectivity and the ability to quickly receive, store and share large files online via DropBox. Due to the important nature of the personal data that they were handling, a strong and reliable data backup system was needed too, so we set Hunter Global up with Knowhow Cloud Backup.

This all functioned well but as Hunter Global grew and looked set to migrate to bigger offices, it became clear that the functionality provided by their email hosting platform would no longer be fit for purpose, and something more appropriate to their new surroundings was needed. Sure enough, early in 2016, Hunter Global moved into a dedicated office space on a business park in Lincoln.

The Solution

To enable the office move to run smoothly, we worked with Hunter Global to migrate their email system to the Office 365 platform.

To ensure that their connectivity was not disrupted and continued to operate to a high standard, we introduced them to trusted communications suppliers who supplied them with an efficient broadband internet connection and a hosted
VOIP telephone system.

At their new site, we were in attendance to physically connect all of their new IT equipment together and importantly, to their new internet broadband supply.

As Hunter Global settled in and grew we have since provided a continual, remote IT management service

The Benefits

Continual and reliable service Hunter Global have been able to grow and develop as a company both quickly and without fuss thanks to uninterrupted email and communications services, and without compromising their offering to their clients.

Day to day IT support Our remote technical support covers Hunter Global’s IT infrastructure, data management and systems on a day to day basis, and we’re able to set up for new staff and provide all appropriate IT housekeeping for staff leavers whenever required.