Go MAD Case Study – obtaining Cyber Essentials

by | Aug 23, 2022

Business Leader Development Specialists Go MAD Thinking achieves Cyber Essentials in just 12 weeks with Jalapeno Business Services

Go MAD Thinking has been helping leaders in large organisations (250- 50,000 employees) achieve transformative results by thinking bigger, better and bolder.  They work across all sectors around the world.  Their team of specialist consultants known as ‘Thinking Engineers’ work closely with their clients at various locations, they are rarely in the GMT office.  It’s imperative that secure connectivity between GMT head office, their clients and Thinking Engineers is as close to 100% at all times.


Cyber-attacks and security breaches are a constant threat to businesses.  GMT have clients both old and new, who now require their suppliers to have Cyber Essentials accreditation.  Large organisations need assurance that appropriate systems and procedures are in place to minimize the risk of business interruption.

Both GMT and their clients are top of their game.  Their tools, methods and support systems need to exceed regular expectations when it comes to communications and the capabilities of the devices in use.  Performance and usage of IT systems and devices need to be monitored 24/7 to minimise the risk of downtime, and also to provide a cast iron audit trail should the need arise.

GMT has been using JBS as their external IT Department for a number of years.  JBS is regarded as an extension of the GMT team, so it was a natural progression to engage them as their Cyber Essentials specialist.

‘We have been working with JBS for all our IT requirements over the last few years, and their level of customer service is second to none.  As a small business upholding and promoting the best in teamwork practices and excellence in leadership, JBS have proven to be an excellent partner in helping us provide the best remote support we can for our fee earners, our Thinking Engineers.  JBS have certainly helped us to ‘up our game’ in terms of IT provision and Cyber protection; the whole process has been a catalyst for making our services even more desirable and attractive to our target market.  My personal view is that JBS is an absolute godsend’.

Lucy Bartram, GMT Operations Manager


The Cyber Essentials Assessment Document lists all the areas of business practice and IT systems that need to meet specific criteria and standards.  After the first two meetings between JBS and GMT, the necessary tools, actions and resources were identified and an implementation plan agreed.  This entailed further scrutiny and monitoring of existing systems from which new processes and procedures were put in place for head office, remote users, and all devices in use.

JBS gave priority to the Cyber Essentials mandatory task of externally scanning GMT’s Head Office internet connection.  Specialist software was used to scan the public facing IP address of the connection and then, attempts were made by JBS to open network ports to test the security of the connection.  No ports were found to be open establishing that the connection was secure enough to prevent any unauthorized attempts of connection from the outside the GMT network.

The next major task was to install the JBS Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool. The RMM agent was installed on all remote GMT devices, and those in head-office, ensuring consistency throughout the business.  JBS configured devices to produce alerts and reports so that GMT Head Office can monitor what is happening with any device at any point.  This allows remedial or evasive action to be taken with minimal time delays.

The RMM is also configured for preventative maintenance by monthly health checks, including the monitoring of device re-boot and re-start activity.  Reminders are sent to devices prompting users to take the necessary action as and when, ensuring all devices are running optimally.


Gaining Cyber Essentials accreditation opens new business opportunities in all sectors for GMT.

GMT have increased confidence in their new resource (RMM) with which Head Office can support their Thinking Engineers remotely.

Thinking Engineers have greater peace of mind knowing that issues can be addressed almost immediately, whatever their location.

GMT is proud to have achieved CE accreditation, openly encouraging others to pursue CE.  It is a positive move that serves to strengthen the depth and credibility of GMT’s already excellent reputation.