Globalnet Telecom Case Study

by | Jul 8, 2019

Up-to-Date systems are paramount to Business to success.

Globalnet Telecom established in 2006 has steadily grown to become one of the leading suppliers of
telecommunications solutions in the industry initially in the East Midlands now nationwide.

The business takes pride in its ability to deliver tailored services across a wider spectrum of customers
from personal users through small and medium sized business to blue chip companies.

With the demand for communication on a relentless rise, Globalnet Telecom believes it’s paramount to
successfully implement client solutions quickly and easily with minimum disruption.

Globalnet provide a full range of solutions including full Contact Centre Sytems, ln-Bound Services, Cost
effective Fixed line and Mobile services as well as Business broadband & a full IT Support. Jalapeno
Business Services have provided adhoc support to Globalnet before the latest contract.

The Challenge

Jalapeno have supported Globalnet Telecom for a number of years with their IT needs.

Globalnet Telecom were one of Japaleno’s clients that were approached about the end of life schedule for Windows XP in April 2014.

In addition Jalapeno identified that Globalnet Telecom were running aging servers. This initiated discussions to provide an effective upgradable solution for long term.

As Globalnet Telecom has an ever growing client base that need the use of current technology for communication and task management an upgrade would have to be undertaken in a professional and efficient manner not to mention to be successfully managed with a seamless execution.

“We have worked with Jalapeno over the past few years with our own internal IT setup. However, the last 12 months Jalapeno have considerably helped us as a business to understand our current set up and what else is available to us that would drive business improvements. From this we were supported through a tailor fit service that updated our systems and rationalised our infrastructure.

We cannot thankJalapeno enough for the support through our ‘teething‘ problems, all our issues were rectified in a timely and professional manner. Jalapeno supported our IT infrastructure upgrade which has enabled a smarter way to work.”

Laura Mallaburn – Globalnet Telecom

The Solution

For Jalapeno to fully understand what was needed to manage any changes they went through all the systems that were currently in place from the server and all individual computers. This survey highlighted any anomalies in any software and applications that are in use, what accounts were live, what data storage was being used, along with live email accounts and the current management of emails.

From this process Jalapeno organised working with Globalnet Telecom to upgrade the servers, instead of spending money on new systems and software, Jalapeno managed a full comprehensive plan to migrate to a hosted server environment. This platform is a service that Globalnet Telecom are familiar with as it is a product within Globalnet Telecom’s portfolio for their customers.

The management support for the transition from old servers and software that Jalapeno Business services provided was executed with full involvement from key stakeholders that run and manage Globalnet Telecom. The process involved meetings from the beginning through to completion to offer continuous support and assistance where needed.
This was extremely advantageous as any issues that could arise in the transition were rectified as needed.

The Benefits
Up to date systems with user friendly access

Globalnet Telecom now have an up to date platform that all users can utilise with easy access. All systems are fully supported and all data is all safe.