Default Blue Case Study

by | Jul 8, 2019

Visibility of IT Systems ensures problems are managed before they escalate

Default Blue are a graphic design and marketing agency based in Lincolnshire. They
offer a range of design services including web design and corporate re-branding.

Their main aim is to work with clients to create a bespoke integrated marketing
plan, which helps businesses achieve personal growth objectives.

Their primary goal is to help customers grow their business and they enjoy a
reputation as a friendly and flexible agency that delivers unbeatable customer service.

As Default Blue have a wide range of clients they needed to be assured that their
customer data was as safe as possible and that systems remain up to date to
enable them to continue with their quality customer service.

The challenge

Jalapeno have always received ad hoc work as and when Default Blue required it. At the beginning of the partnership Jalapeno replaced Default Blue’s Windows server with newer DELL hardware and an updated version of the Windows Small Business Server system. A great working relationship developed overtime and Jalapeno were called in on an ad hoc basis to create new user accounts, install data points and networks, set up new PCs etc.
In January 2014 one of the disks in the server had failed and Jalapeno were called in to address the situation. Working alongside the contracted hardware support agency it was established that the hardware fault was quite major which resulted in Jalapeno going to the system backups to effect a rebuild. Noticing that system backups werent as up to date as they could be, Jalapeno suggested an approach for Default Blue to use going forward

The solution

Between Jalapeno Business Services and Default Blue’s company directors, it was agreed that improvements could be made across their IT processes. Jalapeno pointed out the main areas of concern and from that point were contracted to monitor and maintain Default Blue’s IT systems and processes for the forseeable future. Part of the initial task was to provide the company with a regular back up facility and because of the huge amount data due to image files an internet / cloud backup system over a standard broadband connection was not adequate.

Jalapeno worked with the Default Blue staff to create a staged backup regime where the system is backed up every night to local storage, live data is backed up every night to an internet / cloud system and non-live and archive data is backed up weekly to local storage.

The internet / cloud backup system and the non-live / archive backup system send report emails once the backup jobs are complete so that Default Blue staff can ensure backups are working correctly

The benefits
• Greater confidence in the fact that should any issues occur in the future, Default Blue’s data is safe and easily accessible.
• Ability to plan strategically for the use of Default Blue’s IT systems by undertaking regular meetings to discuss IT infrastructure and how to use
it to the best of its ability now and in the future in order to reassure key stakeholders.
• Greater visibility of IT systems to ensure problems are addressed before escalation occurs.

Jalapeno Business Service have enabled Default Blue to introduce flexible working environments. Remote access to has to be effectively managed otherwise productivity levels fall and Jalapeno have allowed us to do this successfully. Jalapeno are very proactive and rather than us going to them, they come to us regarding improvements that could be made to our IT processes. We know that we are in capable hands.

Andrew Stafford – Joint Managing Director, Default Blue