Carmalor Case Study: Part 2

by | Jul 8, 2019

Accreditation achieved with the help of CRM optimisation

Carmalor has over 20 years of experience working in the construction industry. They
specialise in building both new and refurbishing existing properties in commercial and
residential sectors.

Alongside large scale building projects, Carmalor also employ a team of dedicated, skilled
and professional tradesmen to tackle individual jobs such as laying a patio to decorating a
spare room.

No matter what the size of the job, the company’s aim is to “build quality on every level”.
This mantra and business culture extends from the point where an enquiry is received, right
through until the project is handed over to the client.

This case study follows on from the case study Jalapeno created with the help of Carmalor
in June 2013. In 2013 we helped Carmalor reduce their printing overheads and optimise
their printing systems

The challenge

Jalapeno Business Services have an ongoing, regular relationship with Carmalor. As part of the regular review and meeting process Carmalor stated that they wanted to change their approach and become accredited top to bottom including their suppliers and sub-contractors.

The solution

Jalapeno Business Services were consulted by Carmalor to assist with the organisation of their current database. After some analysis it was decided the best course of action was to reduce the number of categories from
19 to 4 in order to describe relationships better.

Jalapeno meticulously went through the 5000+ records on the system to identify the ones that were no longer active and marking them as such. Part of the consultation also involved defining which members of staff
were responsible for performing tasks such as raising purchase orders.

The system was then configured to only allow the designated members of staff to perform said activities. This helped to maintain consistency.Part of Jalapeno’s approach was to ensure they worked closely with the
system supplier to upgrade and amend the system in order to suit the newly defined Carmalor working practices.

Carmalor wanted to create visibility across the system so that they were able to monitor supplier/sub contractor activity and ensure data entry was being adhered to in order for them to meet the new requirements for creditation. Jalapeno suggested that the creation of a suite of regular (monthly and quarterly) reports were produced to ensure Carmalor were able to keep track of this.

The benefits

Carmalor were able to gain a better of view the relationships they have with suppliers and sub contractors

They were also able to keep control of expenditure with suppliers / subcontractors

The strongest benefit the organisation achieved through the optimisation of their CRM database was their ability to prove top to bottom accreditation. Carmalor are now recognised as a premier construction firm and because of this they have been able to win larger and more lucrative contracts with customers such as Center Parcs.

We sit down with Jalapeno Business Services every month to discuss our progress.Laurence is very good at involving people with varying levels of IT knowledge, within the conversation. I’d recommend Jalapeno as they get the job done when they say they will and are incredibly trustworthy. Most importantly, when Jalapeno carry out work for us we very rarely experience any downtime which enables our productivity levels to remain high.
Mark Brown – Joint Managing Director, Carmalor Group