BDCMA Case Study

by | Jul 8, 2019

eEmail efficiency enhancements and time saving benefits for DBCMA

With over 30 years of accountancy experience, BDCMA Accountants are based in Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. They’re very flexible and engaging
in their approach, often working alongside clients in their home and office environment.

Covering a wide range of business sectors (including IT companies, pubs, hotels, retail outlets and lawyers), BDCMA Accountants provide a wide
range of management accountancy services to help both start-ups and established businesses to grow, flourish and achieve their maximum
potential. This includes in-depth strategic business planning and cash flow tracking to
ensure that their clients keep their financial situation under control and have the
best platform to successfully grow from.

To sustain their own successful growth while continuing to offer high levels of
service to their clients, BDCMA Accountants came to Jalapeno for help with
their mailbox and internet systems – and we were only too happy to help.

The Challenge

As the busy principal of BDCMA Accountants, Barry Dovey values his time. He and the staff at his practice are often on the road and out liaising with clients, meaning they rely on their mobile phones to deal with emails.

Over time, BDCMA Accountants had gone from one internet domain to another, and as part of their marketing activities they had registered several internet domains. These domains were hosted on the 1&1 platform using a mix of POP
and IMAP technologies – but the problem was that the non-interactive POP protocol does not allow for collaborative access to email data.

In short, this meant that Barry and his team would work with their emails on their mobiles and then find that the same emails were still sat in their inboxes, marked as ‘unopened’ when they returned to the office. This would cause hours of extra work – a massive drain on valued time that could be better spent with clients.

BDCMA needed a solution to ensure that once emails were dealt with remotely via mobile phone, they were dealt with across all of their systems – and that went for online calendars too. Not only that, but all current user data and
mailboxes would need to be migrated efficiently and without disruption to service.

The Solution

After liaising with Barry and getting to the root of the issue, BDCMA and Jalapeno Business Services agreed upon the Microsoft Office 365 platform as the perfect solution. Jalapeno Business Services (JBS) managed the migration process from start to finish.

We liaised with the agencies in control of the various internet domains and made the required DNS changes to those that were under the direct control of BDCMA Accountants.

From there, JBS set up the host Microsoft Office 365 account and the required user mailboxes into which was migrated the data from the numerous 1&1 equivalents. JBS also provided training for staff to help them get to grips with the new system.

The Benefits
Better efficiency

By rationalising 20 mailboxes into 5, email management is now a much more efficient and reliable process for Barry and his team. Emails are dealt with in the field, and office administration time has been reduced dramatically.

More opportunity to collaborate

As the team at BDCMA have become more proficient on the Microsoft Office 365 system, we have encouraged those that work in similar functions within,the practice to see and action each other’s messages and activities where appropriate thus increasing customer service and increasing efficiency.

I’m only in the office 2-3 hours a week as I’m out working with clients, but was spending at least 2 hours of that office time clearing up emails. Jalapeno’s solution has been a massive time-saver. I now have more time to spend face-to-face with our clients – so everybody wins

Barry Dovey – Principal at BDCMA Accountants