How Jalapeño Business Services can help improve your business efficiencies leading to improved profitability

Project Management

 While no one can predict the future, Jalapeno Business Services can certainly help you anticipate it.

Our forward-looking solutions lean heavily on both our experience delivering projects and our understanding of the latest trends and emerging technology to offer you a solution that is the right fit for your organisation. 

Our expert project management service sets high standards of control and delivery to meet budget and programme targets for any project. We work collaboratively with clients from initial concept through to completion and occupancy, providing innovative and value-added solutions to minimise risk and maximise investment returns. 

We draw on industry-leading thinking and our strong digital platform gives our project managers access to the most current project data, knowledge and standards. 

Most importantly, compliance and attention to detail is critical for successful operations, both for ourselves and our clients

Project Assurance

Jalapeno assists organisations to maximise their capital investment returns through best practice and tools developed over 25 years. We specialise in IT consultancy minimising exposure to costs. Project assurance is one of the core services delivered by our integrated project management team.

Employer’s Agent 

As an alternative to a total project management solution, we can deliver specific services as an employer’s agent. For example, in construction management, we can provide a service to support your team by programming the works and co-ordinating the design team and construction activities on site.

We can also supply specialist project management as a client representative, with skills to suit every project type within industry, construction, transport, health, and education to name a few.


At Jalapeño Business Services our focus about taking the potential headache away. For a nominal per machine fee, we can pull together a tailored package to provide you with security and peace-of-mind across your IT infrastructure and assets.

Reliable, secure and well-functioning PCs and networks mean more productive employees.

Jalapeño Business Services. Safe hands.