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We will perform a deep dive into all your IT infrastructure. And come back with a simple yet comprehensive report.



At Jalapeño Business Services, we deliver efficient, secure and cost-effective IT and Business Services that will ensure peace of mind for every modern business. Whatever the problem, we guarantee to have a solution.

With more than 45 years’ experience in the IT and Business Management sector, we have the expertise to resolve issues, enhance your current systems and provide you with a robust IT infrastructure that will continue to support your business as you grow.

We provide you with the support that you need to make the most of our services. We can also offer advice and guidance on business operations that will help you and your teams work more effectively and push your business forward.

Having worked with clients ranging from the government, NHS and military services, we know the importance of rapid, reliable and trusted IT and Business solutions.

Talk to us today to make sure you stay protected and have an expertly-managed IT system that will allow you to focus on what you do best.


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Business Services

Jalapeño Business Services is dedicated to providing you with the reliable IT infrastructure and business processes that are vital for your success


Keeping your IT systems safe and secure. At Jalapeño Business Services, we know that prevention is better than cure. By monitoring your systems, our expert IT analysts and technicians can stop issues.


So much more than just IT support. While we oversee and manage your current IT systems, Jalapeño Business Services can also work with you to identify areas for development that will enhance IT infrastructure. 



Helping you maintain consistency and performance within your business. A business can only function at its best when teams work well together. At Jalapeño Business Services, we provide a mentoring approach that will guarantee security in your business. 

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Hacking Humans: How to protect against social engineering attacks

When considering attack methods a cybercriminal may use to gain access to a network or business’s IT system, the most obvious are cracking passwords, hacking computers or exploiting software vulnerabilities. However, when businesses are trying to increase their...

What can I do to counter ransomware?

I’m Laurence Childs from Jalapeno Business Services. There’s not a lot you can do to counter ransomware because once you know you’ve got it, you’ve got it. It’s a bit like a cold really, all you can really then do is try and treat the symptoms and recover from it....

How can I notice dodgy emails?

In a lot of cases the grammar is bad, the spelling is bad, the way they’re laid out is bad. Some of them are very, very good, but the vast majority of them are really quite bad. Look at the email address it’s come from, look at the web links they’re trying to send you...

Ever had a problem with your printer?

Maybe your printer was broken, maybe it was faulty, or it was telling you that it wanted blue ink to print a black and white document. We’ve all had problems with printers at one time or another. Recently a new client of mine sent me an email: “Laurence, the printer...

Who Is Best?

Traditional antivirus packages are pattern matching. A virus file will come in and it will have certain characteristics in that file. And your antivirus will look at it. Look at the first, 10, 20, 40 bytes of that file and say it matches this virus, I’m going to...

IT Video Business Card for Jalapeno

I think that there seems to be a sort of school of thought that speaking to IT people can be an expensive proposition. It’s not if you speak to us early enough in the process. My name is Laurence Childs, I’m the director of Jalapeno Business Services. Jalapeno...

1 Simple Tip To NEVER Get Scammed!

Scam emails are a threat to everyone nowadays. Everyone has heard tales of a fake email from your bank account leading you to give away your bank details, or even a business owner promising a huge profit if you invest in their products. Phishing and Spam emails have...

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Sheena Whyatt

Laurence is a life saver. He helped save me in a messy situation where my tablet broke in the middle of a course. Great service, if you need IT help, call Laurence!

Sheena Whyatt


Allenby Training Services Ltd

We can’t thank Laurence and the Team at Jalapeno enough for the help and guidance they have given us and are continuing to do.

Allenby Training Services Ltd


Plan It Design

Technical support is given in a language that we understand and they always offer efficient solutions to our issues. We value their input in making our business work!

Sarah Albert


Future Prospects

Jalapeno Business Services has been instrumental in the set up and support of IT hardware and software and we are very confident in their commitment to supporting our business.

Simon Gabbitas