How Jalapeño Business Services will monitor and manage your IT set-up

As your IT department, it’s our job to make sure things run smoothly for you on the IT front, freeing you up to focus on what you’re best at – growing your business.

Our priority is to ensure your systems are functioning at full capacity, enabling you to operate the business smoothly with no IT or systems headaches, no hold-ups, no slow machines. 

We provide peace-of-mind. We take away the headache of worrying about your IT equipment…


– Is that PC up-to-speed?

– Is it functioning properly?

– Am I running out of space?

– Is the hard drive about to fail?

– Is that internet router working properly?

– Is it time to upgrade?

– Are our licences and warranties up-to-date?


We know, deep down, that you don’t really want to worry about this kind of stuff, or even really know about it.

The good news is that you don’t have to; for a nominal per machine fee we’ll take that worry away.

We do this by putting systems in place to monitor your PCs’ effectiveness in terms of speed and space to ensure you’re getting optimum performance. And we’ll identify when your PCs need upgrades and changes or when they’re coming to the end of their useful life. Our monitoring system can automatically deploy required updates to your machines and report any issues.


A well-functioning, reliable and secure IT infrastructure means more productive employees.

We Are Proactive

Our aim is to give you peace-of-mind, free-up your time and take your IT worries away. We do this by sourcing a range of products and services and working out the best fit for each of our clients.

We will monitor and manage all your IT and technology assets. In doing this we will provide a high level of service while reducing any possible downtime your business might experience. You can stay focused on what you do well – running your business. We’ll actually get things fixed before you’re aware there’s an issue or problem.

We’ll do this by monitoring your machines, network and systems’ performance remotely – 24/7. And we’ll track and monitor all your devices to ensure they have current licenses and are supported.

We Deliver Actionable Insight

Sourcing products from a range of suppliers means we’re able to tailor the best possible package to suit client needs. We’ll ensure that what you’re working with is the best fit for your business. We can monitor, manage and audit all of your hardware and software.

We’ll ensure licences and warranties are up-to-date, updates have been deployed and that you’re getting optimum performance from your PCs and other IT assets. We can report on all of this if required.

Ensuring your IT set-up is monitored and managed by the professional team at Jalapeño Business Services gives you peace-of-mind and no worries about something falling over or crashing.

Additionally, there are controls in place around security to prevent unauthorised access to your network or individual PCs and machines.

…And We Act Quickly

If something goes wrong on a device, your system or network we’ll be onto it and will fix it promptly with minimal interruption to your business. We’ll do this remotely. We can also programme our system to automatically fix minor issues without disturbing anyone.

We’ll keep your devices and system working to full potential. We’ll limit disruptions to your business while monitoring future needs and anticipating slowdown or issues by dealing with them in advance. We monitor, manage, protect and will improve your IT infrastructure.

At Jalapeño Business Services our focus about taking the potential headache away. For a nominal per machine fee, we can pull together a tailored package to provide you with security and peace-of-mind across your IT infrastructure and assets.

Reliable, secure and well-functioning PCs and networks mean more productive employees.

Jalapeño Business Services. Safe hands.