Jalapeno Expanding Our Team!

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Company News

I’m excited to tell you about some changes at Jalapeno – changes that will directly benefit your business. On 1 July Paul Cook and Rowan Burley from DLSR will join the team based out of Newark.

Paul and Rowan have a combined 10+ years of experience behind them, servicing different sized businesses across a range of industries. Originally a chef, Paul re-trained several years ago. His customer-facing focus, ‘can do’ ethos and experience will add significantly to our business. Rowan is a self-described ‘perfectionist’ who loves to take on IT management and business services with a measured, planned approach, taking into consideration client needs. He is fast-tracking his way to becoming a seasoned IT technician.

What does this mean for our clients? Quite a lot actually. We will be better equipped – personnel-wise – to support you, whether that’s a quick fix or advice, or whether we’re working with you on higher level operational or infrastructure projects. Bringing Paul and Rowan into the business means two new pairs of eyes on what we do and how we’re doing it. Their experience and input will be invaluable in how we shape the business going into our second decade. In expanding Jalapeno’s skillset we’re strengthening our team which ultimately means both a higher and broader level of service available to our clients. These changes, and in fact everything we do, are for the benefit of the customer.

Please join me in welcoming Paul and Rowan to Jalapeno. We’re excited to have them on board; they’re bringing additional skills, a wealth of experience and a great attitude to the team.

In the meantime, of course, any questions… please do get in touch.

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