Information Systems Audit and IT Heath Check



We will perform a deep dive into all your IT infrastructure. And come back with a simple yet comprehensive report.

“What is an Information Systems Audit and IT Health Check?”


An Information Systems Audit is an essential way of assessing a business’ inner IT workings and infrastructure to make sure your Systems are properly set up and working as efficiently and productively as possible.

The team at Jalapeno describe Information Systems as, Hardware, software, data, people, and processes. These components must work together efficiently and effectively to bring value to an organisation.

An IT Health Check is a review of all your computers, other related equipment and software. This will ensure your business has the support it needs to guard against security breaches or potential problems you may not be aware of that could affect the overall continuity of your business.


“How can Jalapeno help?”


With over 40 years of expertise as a Business and IT solutions provider, the highly experienced team at Jalapeno will at NO COST carry out an on-site full Information Systems Audit and IT Health Check.

Usage, functionality, and stability will be the key areas of assessment.

At the end of the visit a simple yet comprehensive report will be produced summarising any issues detected, highlighting their type and how severe they are. The report will also suggest methods of remedying the problems identified so you can put rectification measures in place as quickly as possible.

By having regular Information System Audits and IT Health Checks, it’s possible to spot any possible issues before they cause serious problems and primarily to better protect your company from fraud, scams, and cybercrime – something which is ever-more important in today’s increasingly digital age.

Data Security & Privacy

Jalapeno will guarantee that Data Protection Act safeguards are in place to ensure no Data is compromised during our Information Systems Audit and IT Health Check.

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