Ever had a Problem with a Printer?

by | Jan 8, 2020 | I.T.

Maybe your printer was broken, maybe it was faulty, or it was telling you that it wanted blue ink to print a black and white document. We’ve all had problems with printers at one time or another. Recently a new client of mine sent me an email:

Laurence, the printer in our office needs a new part in it. Is it worthwhile fixing the old printer, or should I buy a new printer?

The solution I’ve offered might be one that doesn’t spring to mind right away. You should not be doing either of those things, in fact, you shouldn’t be buying a printer at all!

You should start leasing printers. If something goes wrong with the leased printer, you just phone somebody up from the printer company to come and fix it for you. Your cupboard won’t be full of toner, you won’t own any of that. I go into so many businesses that have a box full of printer toners and inks from HP, from Epson, from Brother, etc. It’s a waste! It costs a lot of money, especially as you need to store ahead of time just in case you need to print something and can’t wait to buy new ink. If your current printer breaks, suddenly you have a big pile of wasted printer toner stored away.

Get rid of all of that, lease your printers, you end up printing for very very little, it works great and it’ll keep on working great.

For more information on how to lease a printer, send me an email at enquiries@jalapeno.is and I’ll personally figure out the best solution for you.

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