Control your cloud spend with Microsoft Azure Plan

by | Aug 3, 2020 | I.T.

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The way in which businesses are adopting technology has changed rapidly, particularly in the last 6 months. As we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have taken the leap to permanently migrate their on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud in order to improve their resilience and flexibility.

But the technology market is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate and businesses are often left confused and unclear on cost, provisioning and support. So how can you take advantage of the benefits of cloud without the complexity and spiralling cost?

The answer is simple: Azure Plan.

Azure Plan is a new commerce platform for MSPs and customers to buy and manage their Microsoft Azure Services. Azure, a global and scalable cloud ecosystem, can be a complex service to navigate depending on the requirements of your business. With Azure Plan, businesses can enjoy a single touchpoint for streamlined management of their Azure services through their reseller.

The new platform unlocks some impressive benefits for businesses, such as:

  • Monitoring cloud spend – customers can track resource usage and use rich insights to make informed decisions on scaling their services up or down. Resellers can support customers better by governing their spend and providing more transparent advice.
  • Optimising cloud efficiency – customers and their resellers can gain recommendations on areas in which they could save money or improve their efficiency.
  • Enjoying a clear view on spend – Gone are the days of suffering that unfortunate bill shock at the end of the month. With Azure Plan, you can check usage and spend on-demand and manage (or the reseller can manage on behalf of) your services quickly.

Azure Plan also offers an enhanced pricing system, offering consistent prices for customers and their resellers. Businesses can get those important quotes and figures that much easier from their resellers with a more simplified and transparent pricing structure, and businesses are rewarded with cheaper pricing for higher volumes of usage.

Another major enhancement that comes with Azure Plan is fixed exchange rate prices: all resource prices will be fixed against the global USD price every month and adjusted into the end customer currency. Businesses will benefit from predictable pricing without the unwanted charges.

In the current climate, having faith in your IT set-up is crucial. Azure can support businesses in becoming more resilient, more flexible and more cost efficient, and Azure Plan removes any confusion when it comes to buying and provisioning. Talk to us for a free consultation to find out how Azure Plan could help your business.

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