What can I do to counter ransomware?

What can I do to counter ransomware?

I’m Laurence Childs from Jalapeno Business Services. There’s not a lot you can do to counter ransomware because once you know you’ve got it, you’ve got it. It’s a bit like a cold really, all you can really then do is try and treat the symptoms and recover from it....
What can I do to counter ransomware?

How can I notice dodgy emails?

In a lot of cases the grammar is bad, the spelling is bad, the way they’re laid out is bad. Some of them are very, very good, but the vast majority of them are really quite bad. Look at the email address it’s come from, look at the web links they’re trying to send you...
What can I do to counter ransomware?

Ever had a problem with your printer?

Maybe your printer was broken, maybe it was faulty, or it was telling you that it wanted blue ink to print a black and white document. We’ve all had problems with printers at one time or another. Recently a new client of mine sent me an email: “Laurence, the printer...
What can I do to counter ransomware?

Who Is Best?

Traditional antivirus packages are pattern matching. A virus file will come in and it will have certain characteristics in that file. And your antivirus will look at it. Look at the first, 10, 20, 40 bytes of that file and say it matches this virus, I’m going to...
What can I do to counter ransomware?

What is “Social Engineering”?

Social Engineering is something that shows up often when talking about hackers and hacking. A piece of nasty software isn’t always the way you can get in trouble, sometimes people use something called Social Engineering. In order to gain access to something that...


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