Build a complete remote working solution with Microsoft

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Working From Home


Returning to the office probably feels great for many temporary home workers who believe that their office desk set-up can’t be replicated. Getting back to the full office set-up is perfect for the right now, but we are facing uncertain times and contingency plans are necessary. It is now more important than ever to have a full remote working solution in place so, if the need arises again, your business is a step ahead and ready to quickly deploy a remote working set-up.

Microsoft 365 offers what we like to call the complete remote working solution – If you’re looking for a seamless migration to the cloud, advanced enterprise-grade security and a host of productivity tools, Microsoft 365 is a solution like no other. Security should be considered carefully when it comes to a remote working solution. Microsoft 365 comes with multi-factor authentication (MFA), as well as the built-in features you receive with Windows 10, to give you peace of mind that your business is secure.

Almost every business handles sensitive data; 365 provides tailored security solutions like email encryption and data loss prevention, so you won’t have to worry if your remote workers accidentally share something in the wrong place. Everything is securely kept within the digital walls of your organisation.
In the wake of COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to learn the lessons that were harshly taught as we were forced to work remotely. If businesses are ushered back into their homes in mass again, already having remote collaboration tools in place allows you to pick up business as usual immediately. Apps like Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, part of the 365 suite, give your staff ample opportunity to work together seamlessly and perhaps even more productively than in the office.

Microsoft are constantly improving Microsoft 365 as a solution to enable users work more efficiently; should you want to check-in on your departments and employees, Teams now has breakout rooms where your staff can brainstorm ideas together in smaller groups.

Putting your business a step ahead in times like these involves implementing cloud services that can fully upgrade the way your staff have previously been working from home. Microsoft Azure is the backbone of Microsoft 365, providing the solid, reliable cloud infrastructure that boosts the performance and security of 365. Azure enables you to run other applications on the same cloud infrastructure as 365, meaning better integration and a smoother experience.

Within Azure you can also leverage Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): your comprehensive desktop in the cloud. WVD offers the same desktop experience for employees as when they were in the office, allowing them to work remotely with little change adoption; all wrapped in the protective bubble of Microsoft security. With WVD, you can monitor your organisation’s activity live, and provide remote staff with the latest cloud solutions and upgrades. WVD rules out the need for any additional physical infrastructure, delivering a desktop set-up without the need for technical expertise.

Are you getting the completion remote working solution out of your Microsoft solution? Maybe you’re looking to implement a remote working solution in the wake of the lockdown? We can support you in leveraging the benefits of a complete cloud solution to make your business more resilient in the face of uncertainty and offer more flexibility for your employees.

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