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Why you shouldn’t panic during the Covid-19 pandemic

Last week was an incredibly busy week for me. There has been a massive increase in demand for remote working systems for businesses. For a lot of my client, this was already installed and running so there was no problem, but for many new ones, there was lots of work...

Working from Home – How can Parliament do this?

With news of the Corona Virus spreading, it’s no surprise that most businesses and organisations are looking for ways to allow uninterrupted work while suffering a decrease in productivity due to illness. It was revealed that up to a fifth of all UK works could...

Don’t be Held to Ransom by your IT Provider

https://jalapeno.is/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/dont-be-held-to-ransom-compilation.mp4   Don’t be Held to Random by your IT Provider When we first start speaking to prospects and new customers, we ask them a number of questions. One of the questions we ask...

Windows 10 Icon New Design

Microsoft has now started to release it’s new set of icon designs for Windows 10. More will come in the next few months. If you have updated your systems, you will have likely noticed a few small changes in the appearance of your operating system. The Verge...
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