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Here at Jalapeno, we’re regularly regaled with ‘IT horror stories’ from new clients who’ve had bad experiences with other providers. (We’ve even written an e-book to bring some of these together – look out for it coming to our website soon.) There are lots of reasons why poorly-run IT support services let their clients down but all too often, it’s down to lack of resource.

Let’s take a couple of examples. We recently started working with a new client who couldn’t get hold of their IT support provider. After not receiving replies to emails and phone calls client decided to visit the offices of the support provider to find the doors locked. Another client, who has a fleet of servers in a data centre requiring regular maintenance, was left in without cover when their incumbent support provider got a job and closed his IT business.

A third client was trying to meet their needs with someone who already has a job and provided IT support on a part-time basis around their employed hours. You can probably guess what happened; they were only available in the evenings or at weekends…when our client’s office was closed.

Of course, there are some smaller businesses out there who can put up with this kind of service because they don’t need regular maintenance or a mega-fast response to any issues. But in our experience, these are few and far between! That’s why we do things differently at Jalapeno, offering an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 1-hour response times during our core hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

You won’t be ignored when you try and get in touch with us, either. Our helpdesk is always staffed during the above times and we can provide an out of hours service for urgent problems, or to minimise disruption during projects such as office moves. And because we operate an online ticketing system, you’ll be kept up to date with the progress of your job.

We’re not a one-man band either, with a team of sub-contractors always on hand to provide remote, telephone or on-site support when you need us. Speaking of remote support, this is something that ‘amateur’ IT companies can’t always offer due to the cost of investing in good quality monitoring and management software.

This isn’t a problem for Jalapeno, as our business model allows us to invest in the systems we need to provide the best possible support to our clients. Having remote monitoring in place offers huge benefits to your business, as we can often identify and resolve problems before you’re even aware of them – and before they impact on your operations.

Jalapeno can also monitor your backup remotely, making sure everything is working correctly and the latest version of your files is available to restore in the event of systems failure or data theft. We can even carry out some routine maintenance work remotely (including overnight), reducing the number of on-site visits we need to make. Again, this minimises operational disruption as well as reducing your IT support costs.

You can also rely on us to take a proactive approach to maintenance – identifying where equipment needs upgrading or replacing before it fails and analysing your helpdesk issue activity to see if you have staff members having particular problems or services or systems that may be displaying early signs of problems or failures. We can offer training and mentoring services to help your team use your systems and software correctly, maximising their efficiency and productivity (and reducing frustration levels!).

In short, it’s all about providing high quality technical support and customer service, with the attention to detail you’d expect from a professional IT provider like Jalapeno.

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