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You may be wondering what happens when you ask us to be your Managed IT Support provider. Some companies out there will just put you straight on a contract or agree to offer ad hoc support without even bothering to visit your premises. That’s something we can’t understand here at Jalapeno.

After all, how can we offer you the IT support and services you need without understanding your hardware and software set-up and talking to your staff about any concerns they may have? That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive ‘induction’ process for all our new clients. This makes sure everyone gets off on the right foot, creating a sound basis for a positive and long-lasting business relationship.

It all starts with a free, no obligation systems audit

This involves us spending a couple of hours at your premises discussing your current IT systems, and any issues you’re experiencing, with key members of your team. We’ll then carry out a thorough audit of your hardware including servers, networks and networked devices, printers, offline backups and so on.

As well as checking that your equipment is fit for purpose and working properly, we’ll also check the status of your maintenance contracts and warranties (if any), to see if you’re protected against faults and accidental damage.

Our engineers will then assess your software set-up, bearing in mind your current and future requirements and business plans as discussed in the initial meeting. This process includes a close examination of your security systems (anti-virus, firewalls and so on) to check they’re adequate for your needs, and to identify any risks or threats to your networks.

Finally, we’ll look at your data storage processes to check they’re robust enough, both in general terms and in relation to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into play May 2018. Areas we’ll look at include whether data is being stored where it should be, and how your staff are accessing and using data kept in shared folders.

We also look to minimise data duplication as this is often a symptom of duplication of effort or silo working.

Next, we’ll prepare our recommendations

After your audit has taken place, we’ll create a comprehensive review document setting out our findings. As well as documenting the current state of your networks and infrastructure, we’ll explain our recommendations for short, medium and long-term actions to bring your systems up to scratch and in line with current best practices.

Some examples of recommendations we might make include:

  • Upgrading obsolete or unsupported systems, or those that are approaching ‘end of life’, e.g. Windows Vista, Office 2007, Windows 7 and 2008, and Exchange 2010
  • Replacing hardware that’s out of warranty or not under a maintenance contract
  • Discarding or replacing equipment that’s under-used, or not used at all
  • Updating expired software licences and cancelling any you no longer need
  • Upgrading your security systems to provide better protection against viruses, cybercrime and other threats
  • Implementing more robust back-up systems to protect your sensitive data
  • Putting policies and procedures in place to govern areas such as systems use, data access and security, to help your team achieve best practice
  • Liaising with third party vendors to make sure any data they hold on your behalf is being stored and backed up correctly

Furthermore, we will present our recommendations to you at your premises and discuss the way forward.

The third stage: implementation

Our IT audit is completely free and there’s no obligation to ask us to proceed. However, if you’d like us to go ahead, our next task is to create a plan for the short, medium and long-term recommendations you’d like us to implement. This will include costs, time scales and details of any disruption or downtime to your business operations that may be required.

If necessary, we can arrange to carry out some of the works outside business hours, so you can keep trading as normal.

Ongoing monitoring, management and support

Once your programme of recommendations is all in place, we’ll still be on hand to provide help, advice and information when you need us.

  • Monitoring. We offer a range of packages as well as bespoke options to meet your needs. By monitoring your network remotely, we can pick up on any issues at the earliest opportunity, often resolving them before you realise there’s a problem.
  • Management. This is a wide-ranging suite of support services that aims to keep your systems in the best possible shape. Our assessments and reviews will help you keep on top of areas including costs, compliance and planning for your future needs.
  • Mentoring. Sometimes putting a set of written policies in place isn’t enough. Our experienced team have the knowledge and expertise to mentor and train your people to get the most from their workplace IT systems – increasing productivity and staff satisfaction.

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