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Windows 7 ‘end of life’ (yes, there’s more!)

OK, so we know we’ve talked a lot about Microsoft ending support for some of their products recently. (Take a look at our articles focusing on Exchange 2010 and Windows 2008 if you haven’t already.) There’s a very good reason […]

Should I upgrade or buy new IT equipment?

There comes a time when all computer equipment reaches the end of its useful life. As this time approaches, you’ll need to decide whether to upgrade the hardware or simply get rid of it and buy a new machine. In […]

End of the road for Windows Server 2008

Following on from our article in May about end of life for various Microsoft products, which focused on Exchange 2010, we’re now looking at the implications of the withdrawal of extended support for Windows Server 2008. This will take place […]

The benefits of automated systems monitoring

Here at Jalapeno Business Services, we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we always recommend our clients take out a Managed IT Support service, so automated systems monitoring can be set up for your business. An […]

What’s it like to work with Jalapeno?

You may be wondering what happens when you ask us to be your Managed IT Support provider. Some companies out there will just put you straight on a contract or agree to offer ad hoc support without even bothering to […]

Are you ready for Microsoft Exchange Server ‘End of Life’ in 2020?

Other major products will also see extended support withdrawn at the same time 14th January 2020 is set to be something of a watershed date for Windows, with multiple products reaching the end of their extended support lifecycle phases, including […]

Why professional IT support is a great investment for your business

Here at Jalapeno, we’re regularly regaled with ‘IT horror stories’ from new clients who’ve had bad experiences with other providers. (We’ve even written an e-book to bring some of these together – look out for it coming to our website […]

IT project management made simple

Did you know that our IT support services include planning and implementing a wide range of IT and telephony-related projects? These range from infrastructure upgrades and ‘fixed line to VOIP’ telephony projects, to office moves and amalgamating IT systems for […]

Why password policies matter

Setting strong and robust passwords is an essential part of protecting your business from cyber crime. From May 2018, it will also be a requirement for businesses to create passwords that are compliant with GDPR, the new Data Protection regulation. […]

User education and mentoring – what’s it all about?

Here at Jalapeno, we don’t just support your IT systems and infrastructure. We also support your staff through our range of mentoring and user education services. The idea is to supplement your team’s existing knowledge and skills with our own […]