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When it comes to costs, there’s a huge amount of variation in the IT support world. The real question is: are you getting value for money? Here at Jalapeno, it’s important to us that our clients genuinely value our services – quite simply because they get the support they need, when they need it.

Let’s take an example. We visited a prospective client recently who, to put it bluntly, was being taken to the cleaners by their existing IT support firm. The company in question wasn’t that expensive in terms of hourly rate, but they were taking forever to fix things (therefore bumping up the bill…) and doing a pretty poor job of it to boot.

Enter Jalapeno Business Services. Now, our hourly rate is fairly middle of the road, but more than the prospect was paying for their previous service. Not surprisingly, they felt we were a bit pricey – that is, until we explained our company ethos and how we work. In short, we’re not about shoddy work or quick fixes. It’s our aim to help our clients save money and increase profits in the long-term by making sure their IT systems are well-maintained and supported.

Of course, there may be an upfront cost when clients start working with us. But that’s only where their systems have been neglected or poorly managed in the past. Once the necessary upgrades and repairs have taken place and everything’s running smoothly, maintenance costs often reduce over time.

Our engineers are dedicated to making sure everything is spot on for each client, so their IT infrastructure is fully set up to meet their current and future needs. That’s why our service always starts with a free systems audit, where we’ll analyse the client’s existing set-up and speak to their team about any concerns they might have. This is followed by a set of short, medium and long-term recommendations for bringing the client’s infrastructure into line with current best practices.

All this takes time and effort, with no obligation for the client to proceed. But it’s testament to how far we’re prepared to go to help our clients build an IT infrastructure that’s fit for purpose and will support their business goals. And where we’re asked to proceed, it’s a valuable first stepping stone in building a strong and lasting relationship with the client that’s based on trust.

At Jalapeno, the client always comes first. That’s why, unlike some of our competitors, we don’t operate a ‘one size fits all’ mentality with a single service level and hourly rate, regardless of the client’s individual needs. Yes, we offer a choice of off-the-peg packages. But we can also put together a bespoke IT support package that can be tailored to meet a client’s precise requirements.

Depending on the chosen service, our engineers can also be available 24 hours a day for remote, phone or onsite support. Combined with 24/7 systems monitoring (available to all clients), this offers invaluable peace of mind to business owners who rely on their IT systems being available at all times.

As well as ongoing management to keep clients’ IT systems running at optimal performance, we can even mentor their staff to get the most from the hardware and software they use to do their jobs. In turn, this boosts productivity and efficiency – which is great news for the client’s bottom line. Staff engagement tends to go up a notch, too. We can also encourage best practice, and help staff understand risks such as cyber threats, by introducing a bespoke set of policies and procedures for a business and training the team on these.

So, as you can see, Jalapeno Business Services offers much more than just turning it off, then on again.

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