Think your Apple Mac is safe from cybercrime? Think again!

There seems to be a general belief out there that Apple Macs are somehow ‘immune’ to viruses and other cybercrime threats such as hacking, spyware, and ransomware. While it is true that the Mac Operating System (MacOS) is less vulnerable

Windows 7 to Windows 10 – Is just upgrading enough?

As you probably know, Microsoft Windows 7 will reach End of Life on 14 January 2020. And, while upgrades to Windows 10 are shooting up as the deadline looms, as of January 2019, Windows 7 was still running on 37.2% of all PCs*. If your business still

Making Tax Digital – Don’t spend more than you need to!

What is Making Tax Digital?
Making Tax Digital is a government initiative that will require UK businesses to keep their financial records digitally and use approved software to submit information to HMRC. While the programm

Too Good To Be True: Don't Fall For Scam Emails

Of the many risks present in the modern, digital world, online fraud is one of the most pernicious. The number of cases of online fraud is currently on the rise with the HMRC calculating a value of £506.4m through rem

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