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Jalapeno Business Services

At the heart of every successful business is the system infrastructure. Without it functioning effectively every day, how will your business cope?

We are a professional services company delivering high quality operational management and business services to the small and medium sized business sector. We understand that while the importance of well-maintained IT is paramount, the cost associated with an in-house staff member can be prohibitive.

For instance, did you know:

A quality IT technician can cost in the region of £25,000 in salary costs. And a good IT manager could be up to £40,000!

We offer peace of mind and build a strong relationship with you, your staff and your business as we provide you with:

  • Day to Day Support
  • Operational Management
  • Systems Strategic Management
  • Project Management
We work with you from the inside and become an essential long-term asset to your business. With over 40 years experience of working within industry and within government and the military, Jalapeno Business Services has the expertise to enhance your current systems and business services, deliver new capability and ensure continuity of services and performance.

The Answer?

Let Jalapeno Business Services support your systems strategy and delivery. We understand that prevention is better than cure.

As your business begins to grow and expand, you will recognise the need to take a holistic view of:

  • What you have now in terms of your current framework.
  • How you can operate most effectively
  • What steps you might need to take to build and grow further
We will provide you with access to skills and expertise normally only found in national and multi-national companies but only in the quantity and variety that you actually require.